Finding the Right Therapist: A Guide by Mindkshetra

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Finding the right therapist is essential for your well-being, especially if you’re searching for a creative therapist for the first time. To start your search, I recommend browsing the Professional Associations website to ensure you find a qualified professional who fits your needs. It’s crucial to reflect on your requirements and preferences, as this self-awareness will guide your search and help you find the perfect therapist.  Before exploring how to find the right therapist, it’s essential to understand the various mental health professionals you can consult:  Psychotherapists: These professionals use talk therapy to help individuals with emotional problems and mental…

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5 Ways Art Therapy Can Benefit NDIS Participants 

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The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) works to empower Australians with disabilities by providing the means to live fulfilling lives. One way it achieves this is by funding support that can enhance a NDIS participant’s wellbeing and independence. At Mindkshetra, art therapy can be a powerful tool in this journey, empowering you to take control of your wellbeing.   Art therapy group classes, funded by NDIS, can be an excellent choice for participants seeking creative outlets for self-expression, emotional processing, and skill development. To address the common question, ‘Does NDIS cover art therapy group classes?’ or ‘Does NDIS pay for painting?’,…

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Understanding the Role of Art Therapy in a NDIS Participant’s Journey 

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Have you ever felt that colours, paintings and art are more adept at describing your emotions than words? You’re not alone. While art therapy may be a concept that is new to many people, the reality is that people have been using art across multiple cultures and through hundreds and hundreds of years as a form of self-expression and healing.  Before understanding NDIS Art Therapy, let us first look at NDIS, and art therapy individually.  What is Art therapy?  Art therapy isn’t just about creating visually appealing artwork; it’s a therapeutic process harnessing the power of creativity to foster emotional,…

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Visualise, Take Daily Action and Achieve

In this blog, I will go through my learnings, hoping some of these learnings will help you in fine-tuning your personal development skillset. One of the first and foremost things I did was to examine my meaning-making of the word “Resolutions”. While the dictionary meaning suggests resolution as the ability to decide to do or not do something, I noticed my motivation to stick to the resolution waned off quickly. I found making decisions or “resolutions” was the easy part and sticking to them an uphill battle. Many pieces of research suggest that “meaning-making” is critical in getting and staying…

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3 Conversations to have about Motherhood in South Asian Households

The first time I heard about Mother’s Day was some eighteen odd years ago, it was the year we moved to Australia. I was thrilled and intrigued by this concept of marking a day to celebrate Motherhood. George Dolgikh @ A first-generation Indian Australian, I grew up in a culture where the ‘mother child’ relationship is revered and considered the holiest of relationships. The Sanskrit phrase “Matha, PItha, Guru, Deivam” (Mother, Father, Teacher, and God) is a popular adage of Indian Culture that outlines the hierarchy by which one must offer reverence, placing mother even before God. While Motherhood…

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